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How Much Jet Fits on a 5,000′ Runway?

In the prior post a Design Aircraft is defined to be an element of the Airport Reference Code. As noted, it is a typical aircraft expected to operate at an airport. By no means is it the largest aircraft a facility can accommodate, … Continue reading

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Airport Reference Code / Explained

The design of an airport is based on criteria selected by the airport sponsor, the owners in the case of Solberg. A standard known as the Airport Reference Code together with a Design Aircraft are used to establish characteristics such as runway size, … Continue reading

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Solbergs Harboring Dump, Hello EPA!

A recent Google Earth image of Solberg Airport reveals a dump alongside one of the old hangars. Has this dumping ground existed since the airport began in 1938? If so we would suspect who knows what nature of environmentally harmful … Continue reading

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What Has Become of the 1997 Solberg Airport Master Plan

Solberg Airport expansion proponents frequently chide the other side for distributing misinformation. In reality, we believe both the complex nature of the issue coupled with the pro expansion spin originating with the airport’s advocates contributes to a poor understanding of … Continue reading

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