Solbergs Harboring Dump, Hello EPA!

A recent Google Earth image of Solberg Airport reveals a dump alongside one of the old hangars. Has this from Google Earthdumping ground existed since the airport began in 1938? If so we would suspect who knows what nature of environmentally harmful “stuff” pollutes this area. We can see a bunch of tires, a bunch of barrels, containers, unknown orange things and assorted junk.

With the neighboring residences as well as the airport itself drawing water from private wells you have to wonder about the quality of drinking water. Additionally, several streams originate or accept runoff from this area.

Illegal dumping is generally associated with:

  • dumping waste on public or private property that is not licensed or permitted to receive waste
  • dumping waste, without a license or permit, into sewers or waterways, or
  • allowing another to dump waste on one’s land, without being licensed to receive such waste.

So what is the verdict, a dump, licensed, legal or illegal, hazardous?


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