In May of 2006 Readington Township voters approved a $21.7 million bond ordinance authorizing funds intended to protect lands surrounding Solberg Airport from development and preserve the airport itself by a vote of 3,474 “Yes” to 2,777 “No”. Subsequent to that authorization, the governing body authorized acquisition of some property and development rights in September.

In the almost eight years since then public involvement has waned and the activity has moved to various legal actions; direct negotiations, hearings, appeals, etc. under the assumption that the decision would ultimately come from the courts. Today the actual trial of the action started so long ago is underway while many people are under the mistaken belief that the issue was long ago resolved. It is not resolved!

Further, recent activity by supporters of the airport and expansion have cast a perception that sentiment has shifted to favoring their position. Our opinion is that noting could be further from the truth. We believe that a vast majority of Readington’s citizens continue to oppose the airport expansion plans but do not have access to accurate information related to the issue.

In the spirit of this sites intent to educate the community on issues related to the airport and expansion plans we will be reinvigorating our posting activity with intent to assist in understanding the implications of an expanded Solberg Airport. Please bookmark this page and return often to see what is new! Also, this site now supports a Contact page for those interested in offering their opinion.


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